Full Fill Built-in Insulation System Continuous wall insulation system that delivers ultimate thermal performance with the added assurance of protection from wind driven rain.

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Xtratherm offer an extensive range of technically enhanced rigid insulation products for commercial and industrial projects

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Tapered Roofing System
The XtraFall system provides a high performance precision solution to thermal insulation and water drainage on at roofs.

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The Xtratherm range of high performance insulation boards provides the ideal technically advanced solution for flat roof projects.

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Vacuum Insulated
Panels (VIP)

Insulation System
for Flat Roofs & Balconies

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PLATINUM SERVICE for Self Builders

PLATINUM SERVICE for Self Builders

Our Platinum Service offers full technical support and advice, helping you to achieve a cost effective, passive
standard new home.

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Sustainable insulation

This sustainable insulation range has a bio-enhanced, halogen-free formulation, with a more than 50% reduction in packaging where all plastic wrap is replaced with biodegradable film.

Full Fill Built-in Insulation System

Continuous wall insulation system that delivers ultimate thermal performance
with the added assurance of protection from wind driven rain.

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High Performance rigid extruded polystryrene


Insulation System for Flat Roofs & Balconies

XtraVIP Insulation System for Flat Roofs & Balconies is a rigid Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIP), consisting of a compressed, fumed, silica sand, microporous core which is evacuated of air and moisture before being
encased and sealed in a special thin, gas-tight, hybrid aluminium foil envelope. Encapsulated and protected within a robust two component elastomeric polyurea waterproof coating.


Xtratherm offers a cost effective solution for builders and specifiers for the closing of cavities around window and door openings, preventing cold bridging, damp penetration, air infiltration and condensation.

CavityTherm Accessories

We are changing from the roots up

Every aspect of our business is now operating on a sustainability first mindset. It is a journey of learning, improving and changing. We are adapting to deliver a more sustainable future for our families and the communities in which we work and live through our four pillars of sustainability; product, place, people and partnership. Through engagement with our staff and alongside our parent company Unilin, a strategy has been devised – One Home which encompasses Net Zero Carbon operations, circularity within the supply chain and the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff along with our impact on community.


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Innovating for Change

Our product innovations have resulted in insulation systems that have achieved performances beyond simple U-Values. Xtratherm investment in R&D is delivering exciting developments in product properties, performance and circularity backed by continually improving Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) that meet the highest industry targets for construction towards 2030.

Our ECO360 Range sees pioneering environmental improvements in the manufacturing, delivery and use of PIR insulation. A bio-enhanced, halogen-free formulation, the range has a more than 50% reduction in packaging, with all plastic wrap replaced by biodegradable film. We work with designers and contractors to reduce material usage on-site in order to achieve ultimate thermal performance and minimise the resultant embodied carbon.

Our Initiatives


Sharing Knowledge

We share the knowledge gained from our advancements in R&D. We are committed to our partners in design, construction, and education in the promotion of construction standards that go beyond the RIBA Climate Challenge 2030.


ECO360 Product Range

We have developed a bio enhanced insulation range that minimises building operational energy, reduces material usage, and allows for the stringent embodied carbon targets of RIBA’s Climate 2030 Challenge.


R&D Investment

Investment has been committed by the Unilin Group aimed specifically at meeting and surpassing 2030 sustainability targets.


Innovative Systems

Our advancements with bio-based formulae, T&G jointing, pre-formed corner panels, stepped cavity tray liners and insulated service voids collectively build to achieve passive U-Values and excellent thermal bridging details. We are evolving new material solutions to meet the embodied carbon targets set out by both the nZEB and RIBA climate challenges.


Third Party Verification

Progress with our own sustainability improvements will be fully visible with regular reporting on our journey towards science based targets. Xtratherm product performances will be declared under the CPA CCPI (Code for Construction Product Information) and we will work with third party bodies to provide clear and concise information for those we do business with.


Biodegradable Packaging

Xtratherm aim to replace all virgin single use plastic packaging to biodegradable film or plastic with >50% recycled content by 2030. Transition starts with the introduction of the new ECO360 range where packaging is reduced and replaced with biodegradable film.


Onsite Waste Collection

2022 sees the launch of a site waste collection pilot scheme, in collaboration with developers, to establish a process for the reduction, reuse and recycling of materials.


Bespoke Quantities

Xtratherm’s Technical Team work with the designer to achieve both operational and embodied carbon targets. This includes the quantifying and delivery of bespoke quantities of materials to site minimising waste. The service covers the ECO360 range and the Xtrafall flat roofing system.


Introducing our new ECO360 range

A bio enhanced formulation, halogen free with low VOCs and enhanced performance. Available now for walls, floors & roofs.

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